Selasa, 28 Januari 2014

Tik tok tik tok tik tok...
An hour and half left before coming home. I'm desperately got a headache and all I wanna do right now is laying on my bed. I still have some works to do. But, no deadline means no hard work. Have I told you that deadline is the worst motivation, but it's better than no motivation at all?
I really want to finish my book and have it published. You know, writing is such a nice job. You just need to write everything in your mind. Then when you read it over and over again, you'll be more amazed about the things that you think you can't do. It happens to me!
Whenever I read my writing, it's just like fall in love with each words in it. How you can really see the scenes happen in your head. How you can imagine such soft and smooth things to be touched. How you can smell bread in the air. Only by reading. Especially reading what you wrote.
My lip is so damn dry and I can't stop touching it. As if it would be better if my put my fingers there. All I need to do now is taking some rest. Cookies? I'll try but I vomitted few minutes ago.

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